Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's sad when Evangelical Christians are more Catholic than Catholics...

I've never been a fan of Kirk Cameron. He's always annoyed me. I would have been a target audience for Tiger Beat when his photos were plastered allover the cover. But he's usually rubbed me the wrong way. When he became a born again Christian, it was only more ammunition for not liking the cut of his gib. When I had my own conversion, I still could not relate to him. He starred in those Left Behind movies which have a bit of anti-Catholicism in them. And when Kirk says the earth is only 6000 years old...facepalm!
But watch Kirk out Catholic a so called "Catholic" Piers Morgan when he defends traditional marriage and being pro-life. GO KIRK! You're gib isn't so annoying after all!

You know, I'm really fed up with these people who call themselves Catholic and use it as some kind of way to define themselves and then seem completely ignorant or downright hostile to what the Church teaches. Piers Morgan, Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius et al have no right to define themselves as Catholic. I think it would have been funny if Kirk asked Piers something like;
"Aren't you Catholic?"
and Piers would respond,
"Well, yeah."
"Doesn't the Catholic Church believe in traditional marriage and the right to life?"
"Uh uh, but... 7 states have legalized gay marriage..."

But unfortunately if we keep having these nominal Catholics in the public square conveniently dressing themselves in the mantle of Catholicism while preaching the exact opposite of Church teaching, the public will have no idea what the Church stands for. Sad indeed.

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