Thursday, March 14, 2013

Viva il Papa!

God is so good. Where was I when our new pope was elected? I was home reading some Catholic blogs and one of them had a link to a live feed on St. Peter's square right on the chimney. I honestly didn't expect anything. I wasn't even sure what time it was in Italy. Only that it was dark out and for all I knew, the conclave could have been retiring for the night. I stepped away from my computer for a few minutes and then suddenly heard all the cheering coming from it. I ran back to my computer and much to my delight, shock and awe, the white smoke billowed out!

Praise God! I yelled that a few times. I couldn't believe they decided on someone already. There was no clear "frontrunner" said the media.

I posted on Facebook and im'd one of my closest friend,

I anxiously watched the screen in anticipation, I saw the marching band come out and then the Swiss Guard. Eventually the cameras turned to the balcony and the lights were on. Finally it was announced

"Habemas Papum!"

He spoke in Italian so I didn't get most of what he said when he announced who was to be our next pope.

Some bishop from Argentina. Of course, I knew nothing about him. And perhaps I was a little disappointed because I had some others in mind. But it was only out of knowing them and not because I'm God or anything. Praise the Lord, He is in CHARGE!

So now we welcome Pope Francis! Praise to Jesus! I like him already. I love him already. And even my Atheist sister emailed me, shortly after his election, a big congratulations and said it was exciting for her too. She asked some questions of why they change their name and if he was the first non-european pope. I did my best to answer. Praise GOD! And she already seems to like him too. She likes that he takes the bus and is so humble. Praise God! How wonderful that would be if this was the man that spoke to my sister's heart and opened her to conversion. I can only pray.

And praise God for not leaving us without a shepherd for very long. Praise God for the chair of Peter. To see that the whole world was watching and the whole fascination with the Church's process for electing a new pope, it's just so edifying! It is a testament to God's power. People are responding to something that is not of this world and it's an amazing thing to witness!

Thank you Jesus! I know the bounty awaits us in heaven but God is so good to give us a taste of what's to come!

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