Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Well Mr. President, you've really stepped in it...

One thing is certain about our current president and it's this: Don't underestimate him.  I've seen it countless times. People questioned his ability to get things done. They wasted time doing things like questioning his qualifications and his intelligence. They even questioned his citizenship. Make no mistake. He is very smart. Very shrewd. Very cunning and knows how to play people. He has since taking office, been able to get a lot of his agenda done for better or for worse and all the while his opponents and supporters underestimated him. There were plenty of legitimate reasons to oppose the president but instead his opponents built strawman to knock down and all the while the president was able to do some real damage.
But guess what? He's guilty of playing the underestimation game himself. For as smart as he is, I'm surprised. He's underestimated the Catholic Church. Big mistake. Never ever underestimate the Catholic Church. If the Roman Empire couldn't destroy us, what makes you think you can, Mr President? You think because you have some Catholics in your cabinet and you had some Catholics support you on other issues that we'd just lie down and swallow this HHS Mandate? You think because some of us don't follow the teaching of the Church that well, that that meant we'd be o.k. with you trying to change what our Church teaches on artificial contraception and abortion?
You see, you're not dealing with just ordinary everyday people. You're dealing with a supernatural entity. As much as even her own members have tried to destroy the Catholic Church, she still stands and she still continues to grow and she uses attacks against her for the greater good. She'll still be standing even when the U.S. has failed. She's outlasted all other empires and these attacks are nothing new. Been there, done that. You've helped to mobilize conservative, moderate and liberal Catholics to fight against this unconstitutional mandate. In fact, you've helped to mobilize people of varying faiths to fight you on this.
Check out this article here to see the gravity of what you've done Mr. President. You've really stepped in it.
Memo to Obama: You've got a problem

Please, let's band together and fight this attack on our religious liberty. This mandate doesn't only affect Catholics. Please sign the White House petition to rescind this mandate.

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